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Which Things Are Necessary To Carry For The Hajj?

Hajj is the responsibility of a Muslim to perform once in a lifetime. That’s why, as a Muslim, we strive hard to earn enough in order to spend for Hajj. However, KSA is a strange country for us. We will get almost everything there. But it will come at a higher price. That’s why you need to pack somethings before your Umrah flight or Hajj flight.

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The Journey of Hajj

Your Hajj journey will start from your house, and you will travel to the airport. After then, your flight will take you to the KSA. Most probably, you will land in Jeddah. However, you can also land in Riyadh or any other city if your flight is there. Then you will travel to Makkah. Before entering Meeqat (The boundary where Ihram becomes compulsory of Hajjis), you will tie Ihram. After then, you will start performing rituals of Hajj(Manasik).

During all that time you will need accessories, which will be necessary. We will describe the detail later in this blog. However, if you want the best Umrah packages and Hajj packages, then you have to compare different providers.

Necessary accessories for Hajj journey

We do not feel comfortable without amenities. This is also true for Hajj. When you are in the KSA, then the environment will be unusual than your home country. All things will be different, and procedures will also be different. Therefore, you will find difficulty in everything if you are not prepared. Even if you have the best Umrah packages and Hajj packages, but you have to take things from home.

Below is the list of travel amenities for Hajj.

·         Minimum of two Ihram. One for wearing at all times and the other for as a spare when one gets dirty.

·         A Hajj guide. It is compulsory for proper performance. You will need to read prayers and necessary verses.

·         Spare slippers. It is necessary because you will have to walk a lot. So, you will need them as a backup if used one breaks or disappears in a rush.

·         Sheets. These are necessary to cover your luggage in your room, place them on your bed, or for any particular uses.

·         Airy and comfortable scarf. It is useful for indoors. But it is only for women.

·         Hand and body towels. You will need them excessively because you will get sweat more often. And you have to wash your self often.

Note: You can also order these from your tour provider if they have mentioned them in Umrah packages and Hajj packages.

·         A small pouch, which can be tied around back. It is necessary to keep documents, passports, health certificates, and traveler’s cheques.

·         Food items that have more calories.

Note: Some Umrah packages and Hajj packages provide canned food options. So, you may never need to carry food on the flight.

·         A few energy drinks. So, you can walk with energy inside your body.

·         Clothes that suit the hot climate. If you pack warm clothes, then you will get a lot of trouble wearing them.

·         A mat. It is for laying down on the floor.

·         Nail cutter. You have to spend more than 30 days on Hajj. And you have to cut your nails after performing Hajj. During Hajj, you cannot cut your nails.

·         Sunglasses. The Sun in KSA is always blazing hot. So, you need to cover your eyes in order to protect your vision.

·         Miswak. It is for better dental hygiene.

·         A water bottle. You will get thirsty on your Hajj tour. That’s why you need a bottle that you can carry around your neck.

·         Water spray. It is for putting water on your neck and face in order to get safe from the heat.

·         Dining and cooking utensils. These are for safety because room service will provide you with utensils that are used by many other persons.

·         Medicines for cold, fever, and headache. It’s because you can take medicines that favors your body. Otherwise, you will not find favorable medicines in the KSA. You will find other brands.

·         A surgical mask. You will spend time in the crowd, which can get you infections due to bad breathing.

·         Coat hangers. These are necessary for placing your clothes in your room’s cabinet. Hotels in the KSA do not provide coat hangers.

·         Band-Aids. You can get cuts due to any particular reasons. That’s why you need them readily available.

·         Non-scented soap. It’s for your personal hygiene. In hotels, you will not find quality soaps.

·         Tissues. These are for cleaning your face, hands, and body parts.

·         Pillow. You need to have comfortable pillows. If you pack extra, then it will be your convenience. Moreover, you will sleep better.

·         Small bag or suitcase. It is for Arafat. You have to spend time in tents.

·         Quran. It’s obvious. You have to recite it on your Hajj. Moreover, you will find the Quran in a different font in the KSA, which will be harder to read.

·         Sunscreen. You need to protect your skin from the blazing Sun. The KSA has the hottest Sunlight.

·         Prayer rug. It is for your Salah. You will have to pray on the floor in your room.

·         Toothbrush. It’s for your dental hygiene. And you will find expensive ones in the KSA.

·         Battery operated fan. It will get you cold air when you are outside in the heat. Many Hajjis prefer it. You can also use it at your convenience.

·         Chapstick. Your lips will get dry. So, you need to get them up.

·         A handbag. It’s for frequently needed things that you will carry around.

·         A luggage bag. It is for all the luggage. Moreover, it should be marked with your identification details.

·         Wheeled suitcase. It’s for your luggage. So, you must not stress yourself on a heavy bag.


Umrah packages and Hajj packages

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Now, you have the detail of the necessary things for your Hajj tour. So, write them down as a list and save it for later use. You can also add a few more items if you consider them important for your convenience. However, we think that our list is almost complete for every traveler. Have a good day.




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How Muslims Can Follow the Sirat Al Mustaqim in Islam

Every traveller wants to be aware of the many aspects of the route without encountering any difficulties in order to get at the destination. We all follow safety precautions and attempt to stay on the safe side when travelling to a far-off place so that accidents won't occur while travelling. The Islamic approach also advises adherents to stay on the straight and narrow and avoid the numerous distractions of this life that only lead to disappointment. Utilise Cheap December Umrah Packages to travel to the House of Allah and adhere to His instructions. As per the Hadith,

(Allah has provided an example of a Sirat with many open doors inside and two walls on either side that are covered in drapes. On the Sirat's entranceway, there is a caller who calls out, "O people! Don't stray from the path; stay on it. Temporarily, a voice calling from above the path warns anyone attempting to open any of these doors, "Grief be upon you!" Don't open it because doing so will cause you to die. Islam is the straight way, the two walls symbolise Allah's established boundaries, and the doors represent what Allah forbids. The caller above the Sirat is Allah's rebuke in the heart of every Muslim, while the caller on the Sirat's gate is the Qur'an.) The Imam Ahmad

Ways to Adopt the Sirat Al-Mustaqim

In Islam, there are only a select few ways to follow Allah's and the Prophet's (PBUH) directives. Below are some methods.

• The Fear of Allah

The fundamental requirement of the Islamic religion is to fully acknowledge the Oneness of Allah and have faith in Him as the Most Commanding and Powerful. In the Holy Qur'an, Allah says, "O you who have believed, dread Allah. And let each soul fear Allah when it considers what it has planned for tomorrow. Indeed, Allah is aware of your actions. [Quran, 59: 18]

## Asking Allah for Dedication to the Islamic Way of Life

We must act with humility in front of Allah and have a firm belief in Allah's control over everything. During routine prayers, one may also implore Allah, the Glorious, for a way to stay alive that is permitted.

So, these are the ways to find the correct path in accordance with the Sunnah and the Quran, but there are many more ways to obtain Sirat Al-Mustaqim, including by engaging in acts of charity, Umrah, and Hajj. Visit our offer if you want to travel to the Holy Cities of Makkah and Madinah. The cheapest Umrah packages for families with Visa, Flight, and Transportation.

Which Things Are Necessary To Carry For The Hajj?

Hajj is the responsibility of a Muslim to perform once in a lifetime. That’s why, as a Muslim, we strive hard to earn enough in order to spe...